Best Budget Plasma Cutter That You Should Not Avoid
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Best Budget Plasma Cutter – Reviews & Comparison Chart

Do you want to delight yourself with the best metal cutting performance from your plasma cutter under a friendly budget? If really, then here are some best welders that give you such incredible services at a low cost.

In this advance Era, plasma technology becomes more developed in modern workshops. The plasma cutters have made the cutting of metal easier, and industries are deliberately improving the system to produce cleaner finishes and sharp cuts. To give our customers promising services, we have examined the many products and came with ten great options to select from them.

See our reviews on the top 10 Best Budget Plasma Cutters to understand why we assure you that these are excellent in the world. Also, have a look at our buyer’s guide to understanding the requirements of an ideal plasma cutter.

Best Budget Plasma Cutter – Comparison Table


Top 8 Best Cheap Plasma Cutter Reviews

1. Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTP5000D is a trustworthy and proficient domestic plasma cutter for small projects. It possesses a good range of useful features that make the product one of the best plasma cutters with a friendly pocket budget. Also, the tool cleans cut through rusty/painted metal. You will also provide an air filter regulator. The company gives you a guarantee for an entire year.

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The product is very safe and efficient. The compact plasma cutter contains a handle for profitability and employs safe compressed air to cut stainless steel, mild steel, copper, alloy steel, aluminum. It is a non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter. It efficiently cuts though rough, rusty, and painted surfaces and produces minimal slag.

After analysis, we assuredly recommend this tool due to its magnificent features and helpful features. The non-torch pilot arc technology makes it reliable and stable. The technology of the pilot arc permits you to cut without touching the tip to the metal. The product indeed contains good cutting quality and long terms consumable service.
  • Non-touch pilot arc.
  • Clean cut up to ½.”
  • Weighs 26 pounds
  • the cycle amps with 60% duty cycle
  • Sometimes, the cycle time is slow

2. The Super Deal DC Plasma cutter

The Super Deal DC plasma cutter brings with many features at such a low cost. Also, it does not provide you with the same quality as the Lotos LPT5000D. Along with the dual voltage input and more than 50 amps of output, the product can cut up to ½” of steel. Even the recommendations are about to ¼”, mainly when the volt input is 110/120. Besides this, it consumes a couple of minutes to cut ½* plate and doesn’t maintain the finish as cleanly as the Lotos LTP5000D. Also, the drag torch of this device is not as compatible as the forney251 20 P cutter. You will see some incompetent in machine integrity, depending upon your very order. Although the torch lead brings in different lengths. In the future, if you face some problems while using it, then there is no need to worry as the warranty is genuine.

The Supper Deal plasma cutter contains some advanced features, as it is suitable for a vast number of applications such as sheet metal fabrication, light industrial use, site work, ducting work, automotive, and maintenance facilities. Additionally, one can confidently say that the product has much stable performance. Moreover, the product is more economical and proficient than the other conventional cutting machine.

Due to the low cost, the quality of work is not as compatible with Lotos LTP5000D, but still, it provides you with compelling features. The product is very stable and helpful as at such a friendly price it tries to cover your needs.
  • Drag torch technology
  • 110/120 and 220/240 volt input
  • One year guarantee
  • Not very competent

3. PrimeWeld Ct520d 50 A

The PrimeWeld Ct520d is helpful if one wants an all-rounded machine to stick weld, plasma cut, and TIG. Notably, the best thing about this product is that it is not so costly. It has excellent reliable quality. Also, the products avail you many options such as you can cut stainless steel, mild steel, copper aluminum, and many other metals elements without breaking a sweat. Besides all, the product is just perfect for all types of metal works regardless of their shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, it will cut more than ½” thick plate, but the only problem is that due to its average quality status, the tool does not leave them as clean finish as Lotos LTP5000D. However, you will find there a reasonable length for a standard size. Sometimes, it won’t overcome the hammering; a workshop surrounding would give them.

The PrimeWeld Ct520d 50 A possesses three best features required for nonprofessionals. Firstly, the product efficiently uses for three primary purposes in one unit i.e., it combines the plasma cutting; it helps is an arc welding and also serves the functions of TIG/stick welding. Secondly, the stick welder of this tool can provide a 200amp welding current. Lastly, its weight is only 32 pounds, which is easy to carry for anyone.

After all the research and exploring, the tool proved as one of the best for immense sort of cutting and welding purposes. The significant part is that it is a friendly pocket to purchase for people.
  • A multi-purpose apparatus
  • Compact design is 6” X16.8” X 12.8.”
  • Three-year guarantee
  • 13’ torch lead
  • Drag torch technology
  • Max of cut steel is ½*
  • Sometimes cuts are not enough to clean

4. The Ramsond Cut 50DX 50 Amp

Ramsond Cut 50DX is one of the most selling portable plasma cutters. With the help of this proficient tool, you can attain clean, uniform, and smooth cuts on a large number of surfaces and materials. It works with tiniest heat input and without misshaping of metal. The product designed so perfectly that you can easily use it while giving you professional services.

Moreover, it possesses appealing features like automatic dual voltage (110/220v 50/60Hz) and a 60% duty cycle. Also, the product has integrated into the Digital display of current and pressure Gauge. Most importantly, some factors make it one of the best. Firstly, its light size which is only 19 pounds so easy to carry and handle. Besides all these, the tool can cut max ¾” that is very appealing in such a size. The Ramsond performs a severe cut on the material up to 1”. Although it is a rough cut and can’t consider for a daily working load.
The product does need an outer air compressor; as such, with any cutter, you will want one with enough power to maintain the tip fresh and free of molten metal.

With all these factors, this product has defined itself as one of the most appealing and convincing, among others. As by its small size and lightweight; it makes it easier for others to use and carry it efficiently.
  • Light in weight
  • Cut up to ¾” maximum.
  • Automatic dual voltage 110/220v 50/60 Hz
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to use a gun trigger with gloves on

5. The Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter

The Lotos LTPDC2000D is a plasma cutter with a dual voltage unit that works at both 110 and 220 Voltage. If one is going to be maxing out the cutting thickness on this system, you should need to use 220v. However, the product has the same duty cycles to the Ramsond in the comparison. But, it comes in just a double pounds more massive than the Ramsond. The cutting torch brings with a 10 foot of hose, and the unit has a six-door grounding cable. Like the other products, it needs an exterior air compressor. The tool can max out its cutting limits at ½” while the unit cuts very neatly and precisely.

Because of this thickness, the product draws about 50 amps, so be sure that you are aware of the duty cycle. The tool can stretch to cut 3/4” material, but you should also be informed that the cuts would not as clean as those with it Max ratings.

The Non-Touch Plasma Cutter, it can give you 10-50AMP plasma cutter current output with Max Ideal Cut Thickness ½”.and max severance thickness 3/4”. Also, the pilot arc torch proficiently cuts through the rough, rusty, and painted surfaces while producing minimal slag. The unit has a handle for portability and uses Safe compressed air to reduce alloy steel, Stainless Steel, mild steel, Aluminum, and copper.

The Lotos LTPDC2000D is a friendly device at a low rate. With the excellent analysis we find by PAPST advanced cooling system, it provides stability and high performance efficiently.
  • Warranty of one year
  • The duty cycle of 60%
  • Max cut thickness is ½.”
  • Relatively Heavier

6. Zeny DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

Zeny plasma cutter is an excellent choice if you are a DIY newer and on a budget. However, if the demand for your work is to cut various size metal sheets, then it is just the best option. It is a well-designed product and cut your stuff well enough. In this way, you can smoothly use it and straightforward to understand. Nowadays, it is somehow challenging to find such a tool that is competent to handle, at a low cost. The fact is that some of the parts of this tool, cheaply made. Also, this fact is more evident in the ground clamp, torch, and torch lead.

The unit is fair to buy because of its reliability, even if you compare it with the most expensive American brand, and you’ll find it quite better for sure. You will find the high efficiency and energy-saving factors in this product. As the Zeny cutter machine significantly reduced the dimensions and weight of the main transformer, it saves the energy of about 50%. Also, it increased the efficiency by 30%. The enhanced cooling method for the cutting torch is significant makes the cutting consumables more endurable. The net weight of this device is about 22.05lb, and it is ideal for home garages and workshops.

So, the product gives some features and uses, which is more helpful than other units as it permits the user to operate the machine at 110 and 220 voltage. You can carry this tool from one site to another smoothly.
  • Input voltage 110/220v 60Hz
  • Warranty for one year
  • Duty cycle 60%
  • Efficiency 85%
  • Current rage 20-50A
  • Some design issues
  • Small button

7. Longevity Forcecut 40D 40 Amp 110/220 Voltage

Longevity Forcecut 40D is a 40 amp plasma cutter, made to work on 220v for cutting of ½” steel & on 110v for cutting of ¼” steel. There is a powerful plug switch that helps the product to allow 110v/220v procedure. You can find several reasons to buy it; a few are here.

Firstly, the device is capable of cutting different kinds of metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper. Also, it is capable of using an air compressor that can produce 45-65 psi. Secondly, the front of the tool features digital display also air adjustment for smooth working. Thirdly, you will find a product at such low prices for consumables, and by this, the ongoing operational keep costs very down.

Besides, all these there are some also essential facts about this tool. The product can use to cut for only some hours at one time due to its 35℅ duty cycle. Furthermore, the longevity forcecut 40D is a full-size cutter in a rectangular shape, weighs 25 pounds with a dimension of 15×6×9 inches.

The product has multiple useful features, as described above. It will provide its users with a long-time service at an affordable price. Also, the tool makes your work more efficient and comfortable in your daily life.
  • Cuts up to ¾* mild steel
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Product dimensions 15 X 6 X 9 inches
  • Run of 110/220v
  • Sometimes, consumables burn up easily

8. Goplus Cut 50 Plasma Cutter

Goplus Cut-50 is an ideal device for professionals who require all the essential features at a friendly pocket price. One can say that this electrical digital plasma cutter is excellent for cutting stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel, and many other metals.

The product has a modern inverter technology that makes its performance stable and reliable. Also, the 50 amp plasma cutter gives a high cutting speed while it does not utilize much energy simultaneously. You can use it outside in temperature of between -10 degrees to +40 degrees with a maximum humidity of 80%. Besides all this, it is a beautiful device that makes the task smooth.

Goplus plasma cutter has the capacity of the dual voltage permits the device to operate at 110V or 220V, with the energy of 60Hz. Additionally, it has the unique function to supply gas ahead and turn off gas delayed.

The tool is fantastic to use, and it works well at 120V or 220V. Also, it has a high-frequency start that is perfect for longer tip life. The most promising thing about the product is that it has a delay functions. With this function, a gas delay for before and after trigger release. One should use this practical device.
  • Much energy efficiency.
  • Light in weight.
  • It cuts significantly up to 1/2” inch.
  • Such a friendly Pocket product
  • Supplied air hose and clamps are low.
  • The power cable is a little low



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