Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews 2020 – Top Picks
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Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews – 2020

Lincoln is a famous brand for producing quality helmets for different types of welding processes. These helmets give their best in safety terms than other brands. Lincoln designed from entry-level helmets to professional-level helmets.

We have reviewed the six Best Lincoln Welding Helmets, we give every single detail of helmets their description, uses, cons and pros. Lincoln is not only best for quality matters but also in price. You will find a variety of helmets at adequate prices. In these prices, you will find justify features and uses in its range. Such as the best Auto-Darkening filter that provides you with a variable range of shades that make welding experience efficient and also protect your eyes from harmful rays. Moreover, some of the helmets have their specific qualities which you can choose according to your requirements. You should check out our reviews to making a suitable decision for your welding process.

6 Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews


1. Lincoln 3350 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet – Best Overall

The Lincoln 3350 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet is one of the best welding helmet that offers you ideal services. Also, it is a high-quality hood that provides you an excellent welding performance. There is 4C lens technology which makes it a wonderful hood. With this technology, you can see the original colors without any blurriness and problem. It enhances the visibility field, you can see the true-color view of puddle and arc.

Moreover, the 1-1-1-1 optical clarity rating touch make your welding experience more efficient and effective. Further, the helmet offers you an ideal viewing area of 12.5 square inches by which you can see widely from different angles. If we talk about safety so the hood put its best in providing you super protection. With this helmet, your eyes will save from the dangerous rays. Also, it saves your head and neck from the sparks and spatters. Furthermore, while wearing this mask your neck, shoulder, and head will not feel the strain.

Apart from this, the mask is super comfortable, this X6 headgear makes balance for you by dividing its weight into six different points around the head. Well, when you use this helmet you will get to know that this helmet is extremely flexible and adjustable. The mask is so versatile, you can employ it for grinding function too. Last but not least, the three years of warranty on this helmet make it more worthy and reliable.

The Lincoln 3350 Auto-Darkening welding helmet is the best choice for professionals, hobbyists, and beginners. As it has embedded with high-quality materials and offering you a range of useful features thus provides you high-quality performance.

  • Large viewing area
  • 4C Lens Technology
  • An excellent optical clarity rating 1-1-1-1
  • Grind mode
  • Comfortable and adjustable headgear
  • Every One can’t afford to enjoy its features

2. Lincoln Electric 2450 Welder’s Helmet

Lincoln Electric 2450 Welding Helmet is one of the classic looking helmets with a versatile exclusive range of facilities. The good has built up for the professionals who want to attain quality service while welding. Remarkably, this lightweight helmet is highly flexible as the ADF technology keeps your eyes safe by automatically adjusts the amount of shade of the lens. It turns light shade to dark or dark to light, fast.

Now if we talk about the vision through the lens so that it is phenomenal, the 4C lens technology which we also discussed in 3350 series of Lincoln gives its best to provide you with a natural view. Also, the optical clarity rating of the screen is 1-1-1-1 which make this hood, wonderful. For the comfort matter, it includes comfortable X6 headgear to make you feel relaxed all the time.

Furthermore, the advanced 4 sensors working and different operating modes (grind, weld, cut and X-mod) along with a variable range of shades (5-13) are present in it.

Moreover, it giving you a long battery life 3000hr. with the facilities of power source solar and batteries so that you can do extensive welding without any problem. However, almost all these features are also available in Lincoln 3350 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet with the only difference in screen viewing area and price. As, it is giving you a 9.3 square inch viewing area, which is smaller than 3350 series of Lincoln also with a much higher price.

No doubt, this is one of the most versatile and advanced helmets but the fact is that all the features and facilities which Lincoln Electric 2450 Series offers, all these also available in Lincoln 3350 series in less price and large viewing area. That’s why recommend going with Lincoln 3350 Auto -Darkening Welding Helmet rather than this one.

  • Grind, weld, cut and X-mode
  • 4C Lens Technology
  • Comfortable 6X headgear
  • 4 arc sensors
  • Optical clarity rating 1-1-1-1
  • Smaller viewing area than Lincoln 3350 series

3. Lincoln Viking 3250D FGS Welding Helmet

The Lincoln Viking 3250D Welding Helmet has built up with the best features more than the Lincoln 3350 series. All the latest techniques have used to produce such a proficient welding helmet. It aims to provide you best vision, features and design. As the hood offers you a professional optical clarity rating 1-1-1-1 along with 4C lens technology. With this technology, one can see the original colors without green shade. In this way, there is no chance of blurriness and distortion while welding even improves the vision and angle performance.

Moreover, there are four arc sensors in the helmet which detects the light arc automatically very fast. Also, it offering you exceptional grind mode for grinding different applications without any problem. The Auto-Darkening filters of the hood give you a range of variable shades from 5 to 13. Most remarkably, with the two shade 5 windows, it gives you a wider view. If we talk about reaction speed then like many other versatile helmets it offers you fast reaction speed that is 1/25,000 second.

Aside from all these, the mask offers you quite a large viewing screen area 12.5 square inch by which you can examine the object efficiently. But the problem is that this helmet is so heavy that you can only use it for a short welding job if you wear it for a long period then your neck will start aching. However, the anti-fog coating feature of this helmet makes the welding wonderful.

Overall, the helmet is wonderful has all the latest and useful features but the fact is that the weight of the helmet is too much. You can use it for short term professional welding jobs but makes the problem for a long period of welding.

  • Large viewing area
  • Optical clarity rating 1-1-1-1
  • 4C lens technology
  • Fast speed reaction
  • Shades range 5 to 13
  • Shade 5 side windows
  • Heavyweight
  • Not suitable for long term welding

4. Lincoln Lone Star Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

If you are looking for an entry-level headgear or a helmet that gives the quality auto-darkening shield over your head then you go with this helmet. For this headgear, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on just an affordable rate, you will get it. This is not a quality welder and does not provide a great quality lens while at the same time it is much good than some of the expensive helmets. However, the helmet possesses a good variety of graphics that is the most remarkable fact of this helmet.

Besides all these, the design of the helmet is very reliable, it’s a lightweight shell that gives you flexibility and allows you to wear it with no fear of pain and tiredness. Moreover, you will be provided two additional lens covers which you can use on both outside and inside of the hood. Also, you can change the shades of the lens while wearing the helmet with the help of an external adjustment knob.

Aside from all these, there is no need to worry about the longer use of helmet, along with batteries there is also solar power facility which allows you to use the hood as long as you can with the aid of sunlight. In this range of money, it also gives you 3000 hr. battery life and a grind mode. However, the helmet has such a small viewing area that makes things somehow complex. Also, there are only two sensors in the hood which force us to consider it as a low-quality helmet.

After discussing the product overall we conclude that at an entry-level this hood will be a good option has build-up with many good features at an affordable rate. Further, the light shell design of the helmet makes it flexible, comfort and useful for wear. But the fact is that the small size of the viewing screen, standard lens and two sensors of the helmet make it less versatile
  • Comfortable welding helmet
  • Grind mode
  • Affordable to buy
  • It comes with two lens covers
  • Two sensors
  • Standard lens
  • Small viewing area

5. Lincoln Electric K2933-1 Welding Helmet

If you are looking for an affordable welding helmet that gives you adequate services for ordinary welding then you can consider this headgear. The mask has high graphics which will make your welding process suitable even at a tough welding situation. In the case of easiness, to handle this hood is very simple anyone can operate it with minimal knowledge. Further, the weight of the helmet is too light only 17 ounces, also it has designed with a headband which makes you comfortable for a long period.

Moreover, the headgear is offering you a 6.6 square inches area which is okay at this price. There are high auto-darkening filters that produce a variable range of shades from 9 to 13. Well, the reaction speed of this headgear is 1/25,000 second which many of the even expensive helmets not offer. However, in this helmet, there are the only two arc sensors, that’s not a professional choice. Also, you will not find grind more in this hood. The mask has made up only for ordinary sort of welding, beginners can prefer this helmet for practice. Anyhow, now you can check the battery charge with a test button which has adjusted in it. The helmet is reliable as there are two years of warranty on this hood which force us to think about it.

In this helmet, there are only two arc sensors with no grind mode facility. Still, it offers you some of the quality services such as lightweight, adjustable and fit headgear, fast reaction speed, grind mode, 6.6 square inches viewing area and battery test button. Aside from all these, it comes with two extra outside and inside lens covers along with two years warranty on this helmet.

  • Dial type infinite adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and fit headgear
  • Two years of warranty
  • High graphics
  • No grind mode
  • Only two arc sensors

6. Lincoln Electric Viking 1840 Welder’s Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet that gives you excellent quality optical clarity rating along with 4C lens technology at an affordable rate then you can go with this hood. In this helmet, you will also get the facility of grind mode. Moreover, the mask has embedded with auto-darkening filters technology that offers you a variable range of shades from 9 to 13. Also, it giving you fast reaction speed to detecting arcs and changes shades according to the environment and need. For safety matters, the mask tries you offers you a service in the case of protection. As this helmet saves you from the dangerous rays (UV&IR) and harmful sparks and spatter.

Besides all these, the weight of this headgear is light thus you can wear this mask for a long period without any neck and shoulder pain. However, there are only two sensors in the hood which make it is a low average helmet, for the professional welders this appears as less considerable. Further, it offers you a small viewing area which most of the welders do not appreciate. Still, if your pocket does not allow you to increase your budget then for excellent vision quality you can prefer it. However, the helmet comes with Bandana, lenses and a helmet bag along with three years of the warranty.

Lincoln Electric Viking 1840 Welder’s helmet offers you a great quality clarity rating that is 1-1-1-1 along with 4C lens technology. If you want to have a great vision like many of the Lincoln branded helmets at the friendly pocket rate then you prefer it. However, the two arc sensors and small viewing area of this helmet make it less worthy.
  • 4C lens technology
  • Optical charity rating 1-1-1-1
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Grind mode
  • It comes with a bag, bandana, and lenses
  • Smaller viewing area
  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Two arc sensors.

Final Words

Now we have done with our top six Lincoln welding helmets, all these are suitable and reliable according to their requirements.

However, in our opinion Lincoln 3350 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet is one of the best options in terms of every welding field. As it has an excellent optical view, 4C lens technology, comfortable design of headgear moreover good range of shades and grinding mode, etc. make this helmet extremely reliable.

There is another helmet named Lincoln Electric 2450 Welder’s Helmet which is also considered as a wonderful versatile helmet possesses all professional features. But its relatively higher amount and smaller viewing area than Lincoln 3350 make it less worthy then Lincoln 3350 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet.

We are done from our side, now the decision is up to you!

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