8 Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000 Dollars
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Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000 Dollars – Reviews & Comparison Chart

If you are looking for the plasma cutter that can help you to make smooth, and clean cuts on the material then you are on the exact platform.

Sometimes, people become ambiguous when they have to purchase a suitable plasma cutter for their considered work. So, under such vague situation, they buy an inappropriate tool which will not fulfill their expectations. Thus, the result will waste of money, and waste of time. We have looked at different kinds of plasma cutters, and high lights the useful critical features in our review.

We have reviewed at 8 Best Plasma Cutter under 1000$, that will help you in selecting a plasma cutter according to your need under an affordable price.

Top Plasma Cutter Under 1000 – Comparison Chart

Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000 – Reviews

1- Lotos LTPD2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTPD2000D is the portable machine that considered as the multi-purpose welder because it gives you feature to do TIG, Stick weld, and plasma cut. In this machine, you will have a 200A, DC TIG Welder, a 50A Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, and a 200A Stick Welder, all these functions in a single welder. With this multi-function welder, you can weld a range of materials such as Alloy steel, Brass, Stainless steel, Aluminum, and so many other conductive materials. The machine helps you to attain cleaner and smoother cuts with a minimum amount of heat and shaped the metal precisely. Plus, you can cut Rusty, Rough, and painted surfaces of the materials efficiently with the aid of this tool.

Moreover, the maximum ideal cut you may have by this the device is about ½” thickness, whereas max severe width is about ¾”. In TIG Welder, the maximum current output is 15 to 200Amp. Aside from this, the TIG welding produces quality work on stainless steel, and even you can weld thinner gauge material proficiently.

As similar to the TIG welder, the Stick welder gives you maximum current output is 15 to 200Amp. With Stick welder, you may have an easy arc start, and stable welding arc, effortlessly. Plus, it gives you a deep weld pool and exquisite welding shape. You can cut several different acids or primary electrode with the Stick welder feature of the machine.

The machine is the combination of three different functions, such as stick, TIG, and plasma cut, that’s why it has called multi-purpose welder. All these functions help you to attain excellent welding outcomes. Apart from all these, the welder gives you the professional touch for both professionals and beginners.
  • Warranty of a year
  • Lightweight (32lbs)
  • Versatile machine
  • 13-foot torch lead
  • Dimensions: 17”×8”×12.5.”
  • Apparatus has a poor standoff design
  • A six-foot ground lead

2. Super Deal Dc Inverter Plasma Cutter Welding machine

The Super Deal welding machine gives you advanced features to plasma cut efficiently. Also, the device helps you to achieve clean cuts for quite a long time, as the tool is reliable, and gives you stable performance. Aside from this, the machine comes with a high duty cycle in less consumption of power. The device has a high temperature, high speed, and high energy plasma draught that is why it considered as more efficient other traditional machines.

If we talk about the design of the device, then we come to know the machine has equipped with robust materials that give you long-lasting service. Also, the machine has made of heavy-duty iron. You can use the welder for welding stainless steel, Aluminum, plasma, even it can use it DIY, and some other processes. The machine has all the features which professional welder demands; thus, you can use it without any doubt. Even, the device due to its proficiency use in a broad range of applications such as ducting work, sheet metal fabrication, site work, light industrial use, maintenance, and repairing service.

Moreover, the machine has the feature DC output Digital LCD Display to ease your working. So, with the digital LCD, you can easily read front panel air pressure gauge. Besides all this, the machine is quiet that you will not face any sort of noise with the use of this machine. Plus, high cutting speed makes it more beneficial for the welders.

Overall, the machine is excellent has the advanced features at such an economical price. The device is straightforward to use and practical to understand. Also, it gives you all the factors that a professional welder want. Apart from this, the device also gives you safety features so that you can use the machine without any fear.

  • The tool is reliable and stable.
  • Great safety features.
  • Beginners find it a little complicated.

3. PRIMEWELD Premium and Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

You can trust this plasma cutter as PRIMEWELD is a brand that is popular for their professional design of a plasma cutter. The Cutter is stable, and you can apply it on all types of metal works regardless of their shapes, and size. With this plasma cutter, you can cut alloy steel, mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and so many other metals materials. The product is suitable for all metal objects and produces high-quality outcomes for the welders. The prime weld plasma cutter can cut up to ½” average thickness, and max severe thickness ¾” with leisure. Apart from this, there is no problem with particular high voltage outlet, and you can plug in the machine in a standard 110/220 voltage outlet.

PrimeWeld 50A air inverter plasma cutter has designed in such a way that it fulfils all demands of construction work, industrial work, home and shop use. Hence, you can take help from this device for light chores of the house as well as for industrial action. The plasma is fully portable; you can move from one side to another side without any problem. As it will give you clean cuts, and help you to make your work quite precise, and relatable to your desire. Moreover, the PRIMEWELD provides you with a warranty of three years that the only thing anyone wants, thus you can trust in the reliability of the plasma cutter without any worry.

The Primeweld 50A air inverter plasma cutter is a popular cutter for the people. And the reason is that it gives you precise cuts, and works on all sorts of metals. You can use it for industrial, construction work or home chores, and this is suitable for all these works. The machine is portable also gives you a warranty of three years at such an affordable rate.

  • Perfect for home and industrial projects.
  • It Produces high-quality results.
  • Warranty of three years
  • Dual voltage support
  • Somehow complicated for beginners to understand.
  • Safety grip is not well.

4. Lotos LTP5000D 50A Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTP5000D 50A is a plasma cutter that helps you to do light duty mini business projects, and home DIY jobs. The machine gives you a powerful cutting performance to make your work efficient. Even you may continue to cut on rough surfaces and rusty metal without any trouble with the help of pilot arc feature. And this feature also allows you to reduce the metal without touching its tip. Aside from this, the tool gives you an excellent cutting quality. The machine offers you the opportunity to get a clean cut at ½” thickness and Max severance thickness ¾”.

Moreover, the capability of the dual voltage of tool in which you can run the machine directly is about 220V 50/60 Hz power. And with the use of pigtail, you can run the engine on 110V 50/60 Hz. The device uses safe compresses air to cut mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminium, and copper. Moreover, it is straightforward to understand the tool, also easy to use it. You can set up the whole process in less than one minute. No matter you are professional or not, you can work with it smoothly.

Furthermore, the product has a handle for portability, and you can carry it from one place to another place effortlessly. The machine is reliable, and you can consume it for quite a long term. Plasma cutting torch, power supply, air filter regulator, consumables, power supply, and the instructional manual have included in the package.

Overall, the machine is helpful to use for DIY jobs, home chores and light-duty cycle mini industrial work. Plus, the device is stable and easy to use for people with little knowledge. You can buy it with confidence because it gives you 30 days refund and 1-year warranty option.

  • Portability
  • In narrow spaces, the small-sized torch is perfect to use.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • The ground cable is somehow short

5. Reboot 110/220V Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter

Reboot 110/200V Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter is quite economical to purchase but isn’t help for industrial use. You can seek help from this device to your home chores, and shop works. When we talk about cutting thickness, so the machine allows you on 220V carbon steel max rated clean-cut width is ½” and max severance thickness is 3/5”. Whereas, on the 110V you may have clean-cut about 3/8”. The duty of the machine is 60% at 50A, and it is 100% at 40A.

Moreover, with this tool, you can cut stainless steel, cast iron, chrome, mild steel, copper, and alloy steel, without touching the material. Besides all these, there is a 30-days refund option on the machine, and you can use this machine to check its competence. If it satisfies you then you can use it further otherwise within thirty days you can return the device, and refund your money without any trouble. Furthermore, after thirty days there is a limited warranty of a year if you feel any problem during using too then you may concern with the company for one year. The weight of the machine is 21.6lbs, which means it is light, and you can carry it easily.

Overall the machine is good for the home, shop and light works only. It can cut different kinds of metal materials such as copper, aluminium, and steel etc. Aside from this, the device is reliable for beginners at such an economical price.

  • Very economical
  • 60% duty cycle at 50A, and 100% at 40A
  • Lightweight (21.6lbs)
  • Dimensions it has 19.3”13.8”×11.8.”
  • Not ideal for industrial projects
  • 6.5 torch lead

6. Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter

The Hobart Plasma 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter has prepared with air compressor feature, that is good enough for cutting materials. When we talk about the cutting speed and work of the machine then we come to understand that it gives you speedy service, it cuts faster as compared to Oxyfuel. Thus, it will save you precious time by giving you quick results. There is no need for gas pressure settings when you need flame tuning because this feature is already pre-set in the machine.

Moreover, in this machine, you have an inverter technology of airforce 12ci. With this technology, you may have a powerful cutting capability, very beneficial for the user. The tool has a compact design; thus, it is light in weight. You can carry a machine for one side to another without any trouble. The lightweight of the device makes comfortable and easy to use by the users. Plus, no matter, you are professionals or not, you can understand, and work with it, effortlessly.

Besides all these, the working of the machine is proper enough as it gives a precise cut. You can cut thinner material easily with this tool and reducing the amount of slag. But the fact is that as compared to the other machines, it is not so useful. You can cut up to 3/8” inch, and this is the slowest to all it’s cut. Thus, this is not an ideal plasma cutter, but it gives you a warranty for five years which is not bad.

The machine is suitable for the case of money, but as compared to another plasma cutters that have built-in air pressure feature, it has low-quality outcomes. Although, the tool is lightweight, and have 12” leads even the warranty on the device is about five years.

  • 27 lbs weight.
  • Warrant of five years.
  • It has 12” leads
  • Not an ideal machine
  • The output is only 12 Amp.

7. Everlast SuperCut51P Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Everlast SuperCut51P is a dual voltage plasma cutter, embedded with an arc inverter technology. The machine is famous for its high-quality results, as it gives users clean and smooth cuts as compared to the other multi-function tool. Apart from it’s working quality, it was considered a reliable tool due to its extended-lasting service capability. The Everlast has enhanced and improved its creativity, and in the result, it produced SuperCut 51P, which is better than earlier models.

Furthermore, the power of cutting is well of this machine, and you can cut up to 5/8” whereas, the maximum severance thickness it will cut is up to ¾”. The range of output is 15 to 50amps which is consider well for the cutting process. With this inverter plasma cutter, you can cut material of different kinds such as you can cut stainless steel, alloy steel, Cooper, and Aluminum, etc. You can cut metal with quite an ease because of its quite advanced, and attractive features.

Besides all these, the product is small in size, and light in weight, so you can quickly deal with it. Moreover, there is a warranty of three years on the product that is well enough for trusting. Air pressure regulator, 6ft Power cord with plug, Everlast AG-60 torch, and 10ft work clamp with cable will include in the package, at such an affordable rate.

Overall, the tool has advanced features that are useful but still not ideal for industrial use; otherwise, it quite a great option. Plus, it is small-sized, portable, lightweight, also giving you a warranty of three years; thus the product excellent at under 1000$.

  • The Dimensions it has 15”×7”×11”.
  • Non-touch pilot arc.
  • Dual voltage input.
  • 15-foot torch lead, and 12- foot ground lead.
  • Somehow, it is difficult to cut from 110/120V.

8. Weldpro 60 Amp Inverter HF Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

The Weldpro 60 Amp plasma cutter is the advanced Inverter technology that has made for the users to deal with DIY, auto- body repairs, fabrication, and framework efficiently. Moreover, the machine appeared with the HF feature that begins with the pilot arc. In this way, you can quickly make fast, and clean cuts through the rusty, and dirty surface. Plus, you can cut all kinds of metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and Aluminum, etc. with the aid of this apparatus.

Furthermore, if we talk about the capacity of the tool, then it has considered as a powerful machine as it gives output range from 20-60 amps that is excellent. Although the fact is that it takes more input power to make it cuts while other devices take less energy usually. However, the company is giving you two years of warranty that is reliable, for the users. Cutting torch, 10 feet ground clamp, facial mask, power adapter, and hammer brush will include in the machine.

Overall, the tool with dual voltage, and Inverter HF Pilot arc technology considered as the reliable machine. Plus there is a warranty of two years on the device and suggested as an ideal choice for fabrication work, maintenance, auto body repairs, and farm work. Aside from this, the tool helps you in making fast and clean cuts.

  • Warranty of two years
  • 10 to 12’ lead
  • 20 to 60 amps
  • The option of 2T and 4T use
  • Cheap standoff layout
  • Air filter regulator not included in the kit.


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