10 Best TIG Welding Gloves Reviews
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Best TIG Welding Gloves

For welding different types of materials, you need to understand the necessity of safety while welding. Without a safety hand product, your hand can a victim of cut, burn and shock, etc. Sometimes, the result of carelessness is a permanent injury to your hand. At the same time, it is very necessary to have such types of gloves that will suit to your welding process and requirements of the welding.

However, we have prepared a list of some Best TIG Welding Gloves with their features, cons, pros, and descriptions. We have searched for your gloves that have long/short cuffs, heat-resistant, cut-resistant, good grip on the material, and electrical resistance. Simultaneously, comfort plays an important role in welding. Hence, we have given reviews on the ten TIG welding gloves by considering the above parameters of the welding gloves.

1. Lincoln Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves

Lincoln Electric Grain Leather Gloves is the choice of professionals, many of the professionals have used these handy gloves and considered it as a handy piece of welding. The gloves are very comfortable, as these are made up of pure grain goatskin leather. Hence, they make your hand feel comfortable while welding. If we talk about the fitting of these gloves so it gives you optimal fit and an excellent grasp on the metal and machine while welding.

Moreover, the most interesting and useful Kevlar stitch seams of the gloves give great power of tensile. The seams pattern on the gloves enables you to move your hands without any restriction. In the case of protection, these gloves have a four-inch cuff that helps you in protecting your wrist from flams, heat, and sparks.

Furthermore, the gloves have high durability as the glove thumb has strengthened by an extra leather, in this way, you will get optimal durability. Plus, these lightweight and gloves have three sewn finger parts that give you high dexterity. Apart from all this, the fact is that these gloves get dirty easily, also has not made for too much hot metal.

Lincoln Electric Grain Leather, gloves have high dexterity and durability. They are made up of lightweight soft leather that makes you feel comfortable. Plus, the seam pattern on the gloves makes it more reliable for you.
  • Cut proof
  • High durability and dexterity
  • Soft lightweight leather
  • Four-inch cuff length
  • Get dirty easily
  • Not made up to touch too much hot metal

2. Endura Goatskin Leather Welding Work Gloves

Superior Goatskin Leather Work Gloves are the great choice for the construction workers. As the gloves have made up of Kevlar lined work that helps you to have excellent protection from the cutting dangers. These gloves are allowing full dexterity to you, also they are comfortable to wear and do work of welding. They give you proper abrasion-resistant as they are lightweight and soft enough, give you excellent tensile power and abrasion-resistant.

However, these gloves provide you with great help from the dangerous flames and sparks whereas they are not made up to touch metal (no thermal contact). Also, the cuffs of these hand gloves are not much long thus not give protection to your wrist and forearms. Otherwise, for only hand safety, these gloves are better than many of the gloves in case of protection. You can use these sorts of gloves in metal handling, construction work, manufacturing, general maintenance, truck drivers, farm equipment, yard work, and forklifts drivers.

As the name of the gloves superior Goatskin leather gloves, they are superior to do welding by giving you efficient hands protection. Plus, these are cut resistant, abrasion resistant and safes you from sparks and flames. Apart from all these, these gloves provide you with full dexterity and comfort while welding. 
  • Cut-Resistant
  • Goatskin leather
  • Cut-proof
  • Made up of Kevlar stitching
  • Short cuffs
  • Not suitable for direct touch to heat resistance

3. Endura Goatskin Leather TIG Welding Gloves

The superior arc goatskin leather gloves have made up with full goatskin leather along with Kevlar stitching thus offers you a sophisticated pair of gloves to do complex welding task. These gloves are so smooth and fit in your hand. You may have a good grip on the welding machine while providing you comfort too during the welding. They are highly flexible and made up to protect you from severe cuts. So in the case of cuts, these gloves are reliable you can trust them.

Furthermore, if we talk about the dexterity and touch sensitivity so these gloves are much better than many of the other gloves. With the use of these gloves, you not only protect your hand from severe cut or heat but also the long cuffs of gloves make sure protection of your forearms and wrist. Aside from all these, the gloves offer you to touch hot metal too for a specific amount of time while many of the gloves lacking in this service. The gloves have made up of great quality stuff moreover you can use these durable gloves both in MIG welding and TIG welding

Overall, the superior 370GKFL gloves are one of the stylist and durable gloves. You can touch to the hot metal with the help of these amazing gloves. The long cuffs of the gloves aid you in safety of arm and forearms by severe cut, heat, flame, and spark. Also, the leather of the gloves makes them comfortable and most fitted gloves for the welders.
  • High-quality gloves
  • You can touch hot metal
  • Cut and heat resistant
  • Long cuff
  • Easy to dirty

4. Caiman Goatskin TIG Welding Glove – Best Value

Caiman White Goatskin gloves are the large size gloves, you can use these gloves for the TIG welding and MIG welding. These gloves have made up of goat grain leather provides you durable and resilient for the welding process. Also, the gloves are entirely unlined and have cuffs of four-inch-long which is long split leather. Thus, they offer to your wrist protection from the heat, spark, and flames.

Besides all these, if you are looking for gloves that are affordable to buy so these are the best option. You can get these gloves easily at a cheap rate. They are highly dexterous and have touch sensitivity features to make the welding process efficient. With these gloves, you can save your hands, wrist, and forearm from the dangerous sorts of cuts. But the fact is that these gloves get dirty easily also don’t allow you to touch directly to hot metal.

These gloves are good for the money and if you deal with light work and do welding not often then these are a good option to consider. There is not internal lining on the gloves so it provides you touch-sensitive and high dexterity
  • Four inches long cuffs
  • Cheap price
  • Offers you touch sensitivity
  • Cut-resistant
  • Stained up easily
  • Not, quality gloves
  • You can’t direct touch hot metal

5. Revco T50 Large The Ultimate TIG Welding Gloves

Revco T50 tigster welding gloves made up of soft kidskin and snug-fitting flame resistant that provides you comfort and safety both. The gloves are good for welding but not an excellent and quality sort of gloves. Besides this, these gloves have some incredible features for the welding process. There is a drag patch reinforcement feature, with this feature without excessive wear you can move your hand to slide across the metal in a repeated smooth way.

Also, the Keystone thumb the facility of the gloves helps you to moves your thumbs without any hurdle. Hence the result of these movements is high dexterity while welding. These are lightweight gloves you can wear and use them without any problem. In the case of protection, the gloves do not offer you high heat protection as compared to other gloves. However, the inner lining of the gloves is still unsuitable for heat resistance. But these gloves are mainly built up for the flame-resistant thus offer you good help for avoiding the flames

These gloves are good for moving the hands and thumb while welding. So if you want such gloves that allow you to move your hands then you can consider them. Also, they give you protection from dangerous flames while welding.
  • Ergonomic Keystone thumb
  • Drag patch reinforcement
  • Surrounding heat resistant
  • Highly dexterous
  • Inner lining is unsuitable for heat resistance

6. Tillman Top Grain Gloves for TIG Welding

With the Tillman 1338 grain goatskin gloves, you will feel superior and have high dexterity while welding. If looking for the gloves that you can wear several times then these are considerable. The reason is that these gloves are durable and add some extra level of support for welding the metals.

For the high and low amp TIG welding, they provide you with enough surrounding heat-resistant which will help you to maintain the welding procedure till the end. The design is simple and the snug shape of the gloves makes the welding work efficient. Further, the strong Kevlar stitching of the gloves makes them durable for the welders.

In the case protection, the four inches long cuff enhances the security of the hand, wrist, and forearm. There is no inner lining thus provides you with good heat resistance. Moreover, the gloves offer you touch-sensitive to your palm and finger both. IF you are looking for a reasonable pair of gloves at an affordable price so you can consider these gloves.

These gloves are adequate sort of gloves that make you feel superior with high dexterity. Plus, you can avail these durable gloves at an affordable price. The strong Kevlar stitching makes it more reliable and durable. The four-inch-long cuffs of the gloves save your wrist from the cuts, heat, and flames.
  • Reinforced thumb patch
  • Long split leather cuffs
  • No inner lining
  • Highly dexterous
  • Get dirty easily
  • No direct touch hear resistant

7. Revco T50 Tigster TIG-Welding Gloves

Revco T50 TIG welding gloves have prepared with full goatskin leather, they are light in weight and soft to use. These gloves will fit in your hand naturally, you will not need to do the efforts to fit them properly in your hand. Hence, they will provide you comfort while welding the material with its friendly design.

Further, now we talk about the specification of these gloves so these will save you from dangerous flames as they are flame resistant cotton back. Also, the seamless index of the gloves makes them more proficient for doing welding. Thus, they will provide you with high dexterity so you can use for the torch easily. Plus, with the help of these gloves, you can use a filler rod without any problem. When you work these gloves you will feel good and at the same time, they will protect you from the heat.

For safety from the current, the gloves have equipped with the additional padding, in this way, it will put its extra power to save you from electric shocks. But the fact is that the cuffs of these gloves are not much longer and these have not made up for welding for a long period. Otherwise, these are very comfortable and nice to use.

Overall the gloves will give you comfort and protection, at the same time offer you high dexterity. Moreover, the drag patch reinforcement and ergonomic Keystone thumb will help your hand and thumb to make easy movements and do welding nicely. 
  • High dexterity
  • Flam cotton resistant
  • Drag patch reinforcement and ergonomic keystone thumb
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable
  • Not made for weld for a long time
  • Short cuffs

8. BSX Premium 3 Kidskin Finger Cowhide Back TIG Welding Gloves

BSX Premium 3 kidskin Finger Cowhide Back Welding gloves are the suitable option for those welders who want gloves that made up of quality materials and fit to your hand perfectly. Simultaneously, there is an additional protection feature that has added up on all of the gloves to make sure about your hand’s protection.

Interestingly, the gloves are a combination of three essential materials. The first one is soft grain kidskin, which has used mainly for the production of gloves. Secondly, the split cowhide used for the manufacturing of the palm and back of the gloves, which is very durable. Lastly, the lined back and FR treated canvas material has used for the making of cuffs. All three blend of the material makes the gloves for you which are reliable and durable.

Besides all these, there is a feature of RestPatch that will give you full side comfort while the DragPatch feature of the gloves will try to give its service for the long term.

The BSX Premium 3 kidskin Finger Cowhide glove is the combination of the quality material that will give you reliability and durability both of these things. Also, these gloves give you safety and comfort for your welding process. The long cuffs help you to save your wrist from the heat, cut and current. Hence, these will offers you quality services.
  • Combination of quality materials
  • Soft and nice
  • DragPatch and RestPatch features
  • Thumbs are a bit long

9. Steiner Ironflex TIG Welding Glove

The Steiner 0262-L SPS gloves are the combination of black and brown color that will not dirty very easily. These gloves made up of quality materials to give you a reliable service. They have prepared with the Kevlar stitching, thus will provide you with great strength and at the same time, they play a role of heat resistant. In case of the comfortable feel, they have equipped with the ploy lined kidskin back. Also, this poly-lined kidskin will facilitate you with additional heat resistance.

Moreover, the gloves are so adjustable that the elastic cuffs of these gloves give you a secure fit and make sure that they will not disturb you while welding. The straight thumb design of the gloves helps you to grip the gun strongly. Rest patch side reinforcement feature of the gloves, make sure that you will make easy movements with these gloves. Also, Rest patch side reinforcement will protect the side of the gloves. But the fact is that the cuffs of the gloves are not so much long thus will not protect your forearms.

The Steiner 0262-L SPS gloves, prepared with reserved grain kidskin. The design of the gloves is simple yet gives you protection and comfort. And at the same time, these are highly dexterous for the welders. However, these gloves do not get dirty easily.
  • Poly lined back
  • Seamless finger
  • Surrounding heat resistant
  • Rest patch side reinforcement
  • Not direct touch heat resistant

10. IRONCAT TIG Welder’s Glove

West Chester IRON CAT 6141 gloves are the durable gloves, you can use it in different sorts of applications such as gas welding, steel mills, shipyards, manufacturing, torch work and automotive, etc. The stuff of the gloves has prepared with top-grain kidskin leather which is quite comfortable for the welders. However, the design of these gloves is not much attractive.

The soft leather of the gloves offers you comfort and high dexterity. Also, with these gloves, the wire can easily pass freely over the glove during the welding process. So far the Kevlar threading of the gloves secures the seams from the sparks and flames. Plus, the long cuffs of these gloves also make sure the security of your hand and lower arms from the heat.

Furthermore, the gloves are durable, you can use them for the long term as they are highly resistant to punctures and abrasion. Hence, they will not damage easily. The design of the thumb is straight thus you can grip the welding materials precisely. But the fact is that the quality of the gloves is not best as compared to the other TIG welding gloves. No doubt these gloves are flexible though the unusual shape of the gloves is not much comfortable than other gloves. Otherwise, if you’re looking for gloves that you can avail at an affordable cheap precise so you may consider these gloves.

These gloves have prepared with the soft top-grain kidskin leather, the gloves offer not least sorts of services. They are good for the money if you are looking for a cheap welding price so these welding gloves are not a bad option. Plus, the long cuffs of the gloves help to protect your hands and forearms from the burn. Otherwise, the quality of the gloves is not best as compare to the other extraordinary gloves.
  • Affordable
  • Highly dexterous
  • No internal lining
  • Long cuff
  • Not a snug-fitting shape
  • The white color of the gloves may easily get dirty
  • Not a direct touch, heat resistant

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