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Best Welding Helmet For Beginners – Reviews & Comparison Chart

If you want to do welding, then as a beginner, you have to consider certain things in your mind, regards welding. You should learn about the quality of the helmet which you are going to use for your project. It is necessary to examine the helmet you opted for is suitable or not for your project. As the helmet is one of those protective gear, that could protect the eye and face from serious issues.

For these purposes, there are some proficient helmets have introduced for the welders. The masks take care of your safety and give you a better view area to see your welding process. Also, these headgears are light in weight so you can do your work quickly and effortlessly for a long time, without putting yourself in danger.

We have shortlisted top 5 Best Welding Helmets for Beginners taking in mind your needs and interests. Have a look at the below content to learn about your ideal helmet for the welding process.

Top  5 Welding helmet For Beginners – Comparison Chart

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Best Welding Helmets for Beginners Reviews

1. Antra Welding Helmet AH6-260-0000 Solar Power

The Antra welding helmet is the exclusively functional helmets at such a friendly-pocket rate. Antra helmets are best in working for both MIG and TIG welding processes. To make the welding process more effective, it comes with a mashing trait and also provides the plasma applications for beginners.

The helmet has created particularly for industrial purposes and fitted with four premium redundant arc sensors. Moreover, it appears with interference suppression techniques to forcefully lesser wrong triggering in a comfortable weight and design. Also, Antra helmet is one of the reasonable choices because its lens has prepared with darkens automatically. You don’t need to flip the hood up & down during welding — a product designed in a way that fulfills all demands of safety and needs while working.

Besides, there is a permanent shade thirteen to UV/IR in a passive filter, attached along with a double-layered auto-dimming LCD shutter that creates for accurate shade spectrum every time. The helmet is quite easy to use and understand for the beginners.

The  Antra welding helmets are easily purchasable due to its low cost. It has a lens made by darkens-automatically that make your welding process smoother. The mask has considered a good deal for beginners to use.
  • Affordable to buy
  • The superior helmet tightening system
  • Adjustable sensitivity feature
  • Easy to carry and understand
  • Sometimes doesn’t darken on cue

2. Jackson Safety HSL 100 Welding Helmet 14975

Jackson Safety fixed shade welding helmet is the best tool to protect your head and eyes during the necessary welding process. Also, if you are working as MIG welding, Arc Welding or TIG welding gives you extensive throat safety against sparks, fumes, and slag. The mask is suitable in congested places, too, due to its thin shell designed structure.

In addition to the lightweight of the helmet, you may get great comfort in wearing with comprehending understanding about helmet use. The device offers you the facility of the large viewing area and padded head strap. Moreover, its strong shield appears along with covers plate, and shade ten polycarbonate filter plate.

Furthermore, Jackson Safety W10 14975 helmets are the best if you want to choose from the passive helmets. The tool is convenient if you were just starting welding and want to achieve a high level and command on it must opt that helmet, which makes your work easier

By the reviews of clients and excellent quality results, the product has made its unique place in the name of quality helmets. For dear customers, the device has made with the large front area; so, the safety increased severely according to the need of them.

Especially for the novices who wanted to use passive welding helmets to start their work efficiently, Jackson Safety 14975 is an excellent option to choose. If you talk about price, so no need to worry, it is reasonably priced and offers only superior quality performance.
  • Easy to use
  • Larger view area
  • Narrow shell designed structure
  • Greater safety features a
  • The lens is somehow not so light

3. Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350

If you want an auto-darkening welding helmet, then for most, our first suggestion is the Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350. The helmet has proven explicitly as the most efficient equipment made by the Lincoln Company. There are various reasons behind it, such as its lightweight that offers you excellent level comfort for the auto-darkens helmets; there are a few are lightweight. Thus being lightweight, lincoln 3350 allows you to do the work proficiently at a reasonable speed.

Also, if you have assigned to do a long time project, then it can prove as a good deal. The reason is that its weight makes it comfortable for your head and neck to carry it while working. You can effortlessly do your work with the help of this without any kind of distraction.

Moreover, the device has made with all safety features, such as there is lens shade range between 5 – 13 in the helmet. Interestingly, It is an excellent range of lens shade; also, the tool offers an adequate view area that helps the welders to see clearly and absolutely. Furthermore, there are four arc sensors in the helmet which make it stable for the users. Its excellent switching speed of 1/25,000 seconds makes it more impressive as a tool for the users. There is the cherry on the tool’s peak, style as an option for welding operators all over the world. All these characteristic of this product proves it as a more desirable and reliable tool, for every welder.

Overall, the Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet 3350 is a black color attractive look that gives beautiful assistance to welders. You can confidently trust it for your welding process.
  • Color Variation in an excellent manner
  • Widescreen view
  • Made of 4 arc sensors
  • hood is small
  • Sometimes not prevent the helmet from hitting to face.

4. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet 46131

Jackson safety always takes care of their customer’s efficiency in work and safety during the welding process. These are the top priorities of the tool for their quality of standards and requirements of customers. The product has Auto-Dark filters; these filters allow welders to do work in different sorts of environments with the help of controlling the shade of the lens. Also, you can grasp the situation by adjusting the sensitivity from the ambient light source mode.

Moreover, the next splendid feature helmet offer is its broad viewing area. Hence you can work effortlessly and can do your job as you want. Whereas, for making the higher efficiency possible, the helmet is also incorporated with the 4 sensor digital control. Indeed, digital control brings more ease to your use along with precision.

Furthermore, you may have an ADF with digital and multi-function controls in a new Jackson Safety WH10 insight welding lens. The device is a thoroughly practical tool for the welders with its multi-function system at an affordable price.

The Jackson Safety Helmet 46131 is an elegant choice for not the only industrial type of work but also for serious beginners. All the features and functions of the device are somehow suitable for the welder’s needs. So, it is a good option at a friendly pocket rate.
  • Shell has designed from the flexible plastic
  • Affordable and suitable for the beginners
  • Reasonable adjustments and sensitivity options
  • The plastic is somehow flimsy

5. Instapark Welding Helmet Series GX99OT

Instapark ADF Series GX99OT welding helmet is quite a suitable option for the beginners. The device is the well-constructed auto-darkening helmet that works by the use of solar energy. The design has made according to the desire of welders as a lightweight helmet, comfortable to wear.

Especially for beginners, it is straightforward to operate and the mask is manageable without any prior experience. It considered one of the top welding helmets for beginners due to its auto-darkening features. Because, auto-darkening enables you to use the helmet, without having any in-depth knowledge.

The company cares about your need, so a carry bag for a helmet and a few lens protectors added in the package. Hence, whenever you realize you need these things so you can easily use it. You may have the option of adjusting controls that seem essential to you. Also, these controls have designed on the outer part that makes the use of tools more beneficial and suitable for the welders. Like some other helmets, you also find here four arc sensors that hitting the auto-darkening filters to modify the work mode automatically. Furthermore, you don’t need to up and down helmet between torch placements because ADF removes the need to flip.

The large viewing area and protection from dangerous rays help you a lot in the welding process and make your work more comfortable at a low cost.

The Instapark Welding Helmets overall a good option for the beginner, its design, external controls, sensitivity, delay, and many adjustments for the deep state make this helmet a great deal. Moreover, it will save the welder’s time and money.
  • Four arc sensors
  • Outside controls settings
  • Affordable prices
  • Sometimes, controls not work correctly if not use precisely.

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