ESAB W1006311 ET 141i Multi-Process Welder Review

ESAB W1006311 ET 141i Multi-Process Welder Review

Planning to save you money, or don’t have enough space in the workshop to store different welding machines for separate jobs. Either way, Multi-process welder is the most suitable solution to your problem.

ESAB is the brand that has attracted many of the welder’s attention by putting some serious offers on the table. And their Multi-process welder’s product line doing wonders in the market. Today, we have decided to share the ESAB 141i review, to disclose some of the facts about this model.

Even if you are in a rush, then still, we would recommend you to read this comprehensive review thoroughly, to make an educated decision about the purchase of this Multi-process Welder.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the review;

ESAB 141i Review

OverviewESAB 141i Review

Being Multi-process welder, it makes you capable of doing every sort of job with just a single machine. Either it is a TIG, MIG or Stick welding, you would be able to get the job done without changing the source. However, being a One-stop solution for the welders, it also saves you a lot of space in your work area, along with the money. In other words, for the productive welding process, it has proved itself to be the best companion of every welder.

Well! Till now, the welder seems an interesting investment.

But have a look at features before making any final decision, and correspond the features with your requirements to have a better idea about your purchase.

Features of ESAB 141i Multi-Process Welder

1. Design and Weight

ESAB 141i is a compactly designed welder, which does not occupy too much space in your garage or working place. Without overthinking about the space, you would be able to keep adding other essentials in the garage along with this welder.

From the appearance perspective, the design ESAB 141i is similar to the competition. Yet the controls are pretty easy to understand, and making yourself familiar with the welder is a matter of seconds.

Being a welder, you usually have to visit worksites, and have to reposition the welder frequently during the process, that’s where the weight counts. Unlike other welders, EASB 141i is made lighter in weight for making the fabrication process much easier for you. The weight is below 33 pounds, ensuring that the portability will not be an issue as well. Moreover, for better portability, the manufacturer has designed it with the shoulder strap. Portability is something that will bring a great level of convenience to you.

2. Power Consumption

There will be no need to have a heavy-duty Generator at the working place to make it functional. Because the input power that this welder requires is 115 Volt that almost every household could produce easily.

The reason behind the lower input power consumption is that ESAB 141i welder is not meant to be used for the heavier projects, it was only designed to cater only needs of the smaller or DIY projects.

After putting this power as an input, you can accept the out of around 90 amps for the stick welding and 140 amps for the MIG and TIG welding, which is fairly more than enough for the DIY projects.

3. Secure Operation

Being electric intensive work, there are always chances of mishap. Hence, the manufacturer has also considered the security perspective for the welder’s safety.

Welder automatically gets shut down, if it starts feeling the overload on itself. Ultimately, it avoids the overheating in the internal components of the welder that could cause damage to the machine and you as well.

The incorporated fan starts operating as soon as you start welding the objects so that the components remain cool down. However, the fan also reduces the containments pulling.

4. Performance

Being a Multi-process welder, ESAB 141i could accomplish the versatile tasks conveniently, other than plasma cutting. The welding methods that this machine would be suitable with, includes MIG, TIG and Stick welding. Regardless of your job’s nature, you will never feel a decline in performance.

ESAB 141i welder offers the voltage control to the user along with the spatter and arch stability control. And make it possible for you to quickly set up the scaled wire tension knob, without facing any issue. Moreover, the adjustable burnback and arc force control also allows you to keep the performance of the welder at the maximum level.

There would be no better option other than ESAB 141i welder when it comes to the smaller and DIY projects. It is highly recommended to you for the best performing component, ease of use, lighter weight, and Portability.
  • Compact design
  • Satisfactory power input
  • Secure operation
  • Portable
  • Best performing for hobbyist and beginners
  • Can be used effectively for industrial projects


Limitation of ESAB 141i Welder

Overall this welder is the best performing unit and has the guts to never let you down. But there is a downside that it could not be used for industrial projects. If you are a welder who only has to deal with the smaller or DIY projects, then you should add this welder into your wish-list, without giving it any second thought.


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