Can You Get Sunburn from Welding? Facts, Treatment & Caution

Can You Get Sunburn from Welding? Facts, Treatment & Caution

Welding is a risky profession that could lead you to many health and physical issues if you are not interested to follow the safety standards and precautions. While, the welding sunburn is the most prominent issue that almost every welder confront frequently, and the only reason that we have found is the ignorance of minor details.

There are some of the questions that almost every newbie wants to get the answer of. Whereas welding sunburn is the topic, where every welder shows the interest. Therefore, we have decided to prepare this comprehensive guide to make you understand all about welding burns.

Here are some questions, that we will be focused on, in this blog post;

  • Can You Get Sunburn from Welding?
  • Why does welding give you sunburn?
  • How to avoid Sunburn in the Future?
  • Welding Sunburn Treatment Hacks

Feeling curious to explore all of the facts, about welding sunburn.

Let’s get started;

Can You Get Sunburn from Welding?

A straight answer to the question “can welding cause sunburn?” is YES!

During the fabrication of the metals, the process emits UV rays of higher intensity, which could easily burn the exposed skin within the fraction of second. There is no contrary debate on the topic, and every welder should be familiar with the fact, that burn is the occupational threat, you have to deal with frequently.

But, welding does not cause sunburn to every individual. Perhaps, you will meet some of the welders in your career, who had never get attacked by the welding burn ever. So, Our Answer “YES!” could be true from some folks, while not for others.

To have more clarity on the topic, have a look at the next question.

Why does welding give you sunburn?

Welding burn is not the case with every welder, so, don’t get threatened, and try to understand the core that leads to this issue.

UV lights can only affect the area of your body that will be exposed to the emitting rays during the process. Regardless of the emitting ray’s intensity, if you have covered yourself with the right equipment from top to the toe, then welding burn is the thing that you will never meet with.

The only thing for which welding gives the reward of sunburn is showing the negligence and hitting the workplace without covering yourself entirely.

How to avoid Sunburn in the Future?

Obviously, no one wants to experience the welding burn. And would be interested to know the ways for avoiding it. So that he could keep working for years, without facing any medical issues.

The lack of seriousness for avoiding the welding burn could make your molecules damaged, and ultimately causes the Cancer. Therefore, we found it crucial to add this section in this guide.

To us, the only way to avoid getting welding burn during the fabrication process is by wearing all the essential and protective gear. Just don’t let any part of the body to be exposed during the work, even in the hot sunny days. However, you are free to avoid using protective clothing in summer, if the health is not a top priority to you.

Some of the Protective gears, that are must in every situation includes;

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Jackets
  • Pants

Whereas, respirators, sleeves, aprons, beanies are some essentials to name, that you also have to consider for making the environment more protective for yourself.

These were the guideline for making your self-protective in the future. What if you have already get affected by the burn?

Don’t overthink there are treatments available for you that will be a great help to you for recovering soon. Have a look at the next section for better insights.

Welding Sunburn Treatment

Being a welder, you should be familiar with the treatment’s hacks and the acts that you have to follow as soon as you start feeling burned.

Cool off the burned Area

Cooling down the burned area is the crucial thing that you have to do instantly without wasting any other second. Once, you start feeling burned, take the protective clothing off,  have a deep breath and try to cool down the burned area.

Examine the intensity

Right after cooling down the burned area for a few seconds, try to examine the intensity of the welding burn. If you feel it serious, and seems to be an extreme level of burn to you, then try to make the burned area wet, while keeping yourself calm. After using the water, peel off the burned layer smoothly and visit the doctor as soon as you can. Because the solution of such intense burn can’t be recommended without examining it closely. Moreover, bear in mind, never use the ice cube under such a situation, if you want to have more pain.

On the other hand, if the skin only seems red and giving you just the warm feeling, then using the topical cream would be more than enough for the recovery. From all of the options, the Aloe included cream is the best one that you have to keep along with you every time, to deal with such situations.

Cream Usage

Aloe included creams are best for the welding burn treatment, but if you are not feeling any noticeable difference in the skin, then changing the cream should be your priority. Consult the near-by pharmacy, and bring the cream that is more suitable to your skin and symptoms.

Visit a Doctor

For the single level burn, the cream will be enough. But in case of an extreme level burn, visiting a doctor can’t be overlooked. Instead of keep trying peer’s suggestions, and applying different creams, you should consult any professional doctor for the quick recovery. Because in many cases, the injection used to be an alternative of cream. It all depends on your skin type and burn’s level.

Final Thoughts!

Hopefully, now you are clear with the welding burns and know the ways to protect yourself while having the checklist in mind to follow if you get attacked by the UV rays.

If you have found it valuable, help your other welding peers as well to find this Comprehensive guide. So that, they can also remain protected throughout the entire welding journey.


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